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Cultural Heritage, Museums, Galleries, etc.

Tate Research Culture Mining. Time-based cultural documents and audio/video (re)search tools.

Bert Christensen's Online Galleries and Museums

Artcyclopedia - Authors and Artworks


Metadata, Ontologies and Semantic Web

Finnish Museums on the Semantic Web: The user's Perspective on MuseumFinland

Metadata Interoperability and Standardization. A Study of Methodology.      Part I        Part II

Combining the CIDOC CRM and MPEG-7 to Describe Multimedia in Museums

Cultural Heritage on the Semantic Web. The Museum24 Project.

Project Abstract.

Semantic Web Integration of CH Sources

The First International Workshop on Semantic Web Annotations for Multimedia (SWAMM)

The use of CRM Core in Multimedia Annotation

Semantic Web Techniques for Multimedia Museum Information Handling

Image Annotation on the Semantic Web - W3C Working Draft


Search and Retrieval

Similarity Search - The Metric Space Approach. A book published by Springer Series: Advances in Database Systems, Vol. 32, 2006, XVIII, 220 p.

Quest for a Euro-Google (read the article) - (listen to the BBC radio programme)

European Archive. Multilingual web management system for large digital collections

MARVEL - Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval Engine

An Enhanced Search Interface for Information Discovery from Digital Libraries

Social Terminology Enhancement through Vernacular Engagement - Exploring Collaborative Annotation to Encourage Interaction with Museum Collections

Sculpteur - Methods for search and retrieval of large multimedia collections

An integrated multimedia support for CH e-documents

CH Online: Information Access across Heterogeneous CH in Japan

Ontology-based Access to Multimedia CH Collections - The Reached Project


User studies

Observing Users - Designing Clarity. A Case Study on the User-Centred Design of a CLIR System.



ReUSE survey on long-term preservation - results available.