MultiMatch Public Deliverables

D1.1.1      State of the Art Monitoring Report

D1.1.2      State of the Art Monitoring Report

D1.1.3      State of the Art Monitoring Report

D1.2         User Requirements Analysis

D1.3         Functional Specification of First Prototype

D1.4         Functional Specification of Second Prototype

D2.1         First Analysis of Metadata in the Cultural Heritage Domain

D2.2.1      Semantic Web Encoding

D2.2.2      Metadata Schema and Mapping Evaluation and Revision

D7.1         Evaluation Methodology

D7.3         Evaluation of Second Prototype

D7.4         Results of field trials

D8.1.1      Knowledge Dissemination Planning Report

D8.1.2      Final Plan for Using and Disseminating Knowledge

D8.1.3      Final Plan for disseminating the Knowledge

D8.3.1      Organisation of Workshops

D8.3.2      Organisation of Workshops and project dissemination


Demos of the MultiMatch 1st Prototype


Image Retrieval

Video Retrieval