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Imagination Project Image-based Navigation in Multimedia Archives IMAGINATION intends to bring digital cultural and scientific resources closer to their users, by making user interaction image-based and context-aware
EDL project Towards the integration of the bibliographic catalogues and digital collections of the National Libraries of Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain and Sweden, into The European Library.
EDLnet Creating Cross-Domain Consensus for the European Digital Library

IST: Digital Heritage and Cultural Content

Fostering the development of innovative technological tools and systems for the exploitation of both traditional and digital Cultural Heritage resources.


Network of Excellence for Digital Libraries

Coordinates a joint programme of activities of major European teams working in digital library related areas.


Cross Language Evaluation Forum

Evaluation tracks to test different aspects of information retrieval system development.

TrebleCLEF Evaluation Best Practice and Collaboration for Multilingual Information Access

Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services

Integrating the existing digital resources into a common and shared Digital Library.

PrestoSpace Preservation towards storage and access. Standardised Practices for Audiovisual Contents in Europe.
EASAIER Enabling Access to Sound Archives through Integration, Enrichment and Retrieval
European Archive Digital Library of cultural artefacts in digital format
Chip Project Cultural Heritage Information Personalization